Art Underground

"In my application, Art Underground, I designed a layout for young designers to open the app and get integrated into our new and exciting system by finding street art in their local area. The splash screen shows a beautiful, vivid image of graffiti on a wall with our logo. From there, I sketched out a map system to use in the application with our own designs, including the "A" pins."

Krylon Street Smart

"Street Smart is a product made for artists, by artists. Ranging with colors along the gray scale from a warm 100 gray, to a cool 100 gray, along with midnight black and pure white. Street Smart cans have a low pressure, low splatter spray, so you can get the finest detail when painting any mural."

I Hate Hardcore.

"The photographs that I had chosen for my final photo book were only the best of my photos that I think would work well in a series and edited them from there. Across the 20 photos in this publication, you will see some of the best retouching I have done, along with captions added in, explaining the scene shown."

South Beach Living

"I decided to go with a neon blue gradient that is there, but it's not screaming at you. The next design idea I had was to incorporate the palm trees from South Beach, this lead me to creating the palm leaves in a faint way, draping from the top right. A font with serifs would not represent the night life well, so I chose to use a sans serif font for the brand name."

Proud Art

"The client requested that the logo represents the LGBT community, but in a subtle way. Upon researching current design trends in the LGBT community, I decided to go with a muted blue and pink for these two logos. After working through many different typefaces and trying to see what would fit best for this art gallery, the client and I decided that Helvetica Neue would fit the logos the best."

Buffering. . .

"The question that I chose for this publication was What Do You Think About Machines That Think?

Through the exploration of my subject, I felt that it was most appropriate to use a computer display typeface for the title as well as the theme for the book. The typeface for the body copy is a serif font though, to pay heritage to common book publications, as this type sets the nicest for reading. Throughout the book, I added in different types of infographics reflecting what is said in the text and styled the text to the best of my ability, avoiding rivers and widows."

Visual Poetry

"When thinking of Jim Morrison and his history, I knew right away that I was going to make this poster in the form of graffiti hand lettering. I chose to use shaking gestures while making out the letter forms and carefully selected where to expand the stroke and where to thin it out. As I read the lyrics more, I felt myself going into a spiral as I read them—so this is where I got the idea to thin the words down the line, making it skinnier and tighter to read."